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Design trends often span several years (even decades for some types of design), but Web design is a quickly moving and changing industry where trends come and go quite often. We’re still working with some of those trends now: responsive web design, flat design, performance and speed, and perfecting the user experience. However, what are some of the new and emerging trends we can expect to see in 2016?

Thousands of users in the US, Canada and Europe around the globe are reporting difficulties connecting to WhatsApp on both Android and iOS today. The outage started at around 9:30 EST and appeared to be fixed before the issues started to resurface again minutes later. The service is working as intended for some users, according to Down Detector, but myself and two others at TNW all had issues connecting to the service. The issue for the three of us was in the connection to the service, although Martin Bryant did report receiving Natt Garun’s message about 2 minutes after the fact, but he wasn’t able to reply.