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    Steel Deck Flooring with Screw Shear Studs


1- Steel Joists ; 

The steel C channel cold-form is used as secondary beams and is built up from steel material grade 50 ksi. It’s dimensions can range as below figure. 

Because durability in section dimensions, the joist will produce base on optimum design. So it will have reasonable weight vs. other steel sections. The joists are normally spaced with 1000 to 1500 mm and the bridging should be properly erected between joists as above detail.

The composite C channel joists are designed in according to :

  • North American Specification for the Design of Cold-formed Steel Structure members ( AISI-S100 )
  • American National Standard for Structural Steel Buildings   ( ANSI-AISC 360 )

2- Steel Decking ;

     Padab Deck system uses multi-span steel decking with low depth as 38, 50 or 60mm. Both composite and non-composite steel decks can be utilized in this system flooring. The steel decks are designed in according to American National Standard- Steel Deck Institue (ANSI/SDI)

3- Screw Shear Stud ;

     A special shear stud is using in this system what is easily connected to steel joists. The stud is a self-drilling and self-tapping fastener that each one is installed during an average time of 10-15 second by a special shaft and a 120V drilling tool. Each screw shear stud has min. 1700kg shear capacity that is obtained with Push-Out test by Structure Laboratory of Tehran University and also Iranian National Building Research Center.

4- Slab reinforcement ;

     Rebar or welded wire mesh uses for non-composite steel deck applications and fibers can be a alternate in composite steel deck cases.

5- Concrete ;

    The concrete above top of steel deck should have min. 50mm thickness and normal weight concrete having compressive strength (f’c) of 20 Mpa is typically best choice, else in heavy duty floors where need higher strength concrete. Light weight concrete maybe acceptable alternate for Padab Deck system.